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About Haydell Industries - The World Leader in Nitrogen Spray Painting Solution

Haydell Industries has provided quality equipment and impeccable service to the refinish industry since 1986. Our corporate office is situated on 10 acres in Lafayette, Louisiana. We are well positioned geographically for distributing goods and services, and supporting products from our on site warehouse facility. We continue to expand our corporate staff in order to provide an appropriate infrastructure designed to support our mutual business endeavors.


Currently our business includes the Manufacturing of Nitrogen Technologies family of equipment for North and South American Markets. This technology has revolutionized spray painting by offering a high quality finish and real savings in costs. Both method and machine have United States and International patents pending, created and manufactured by Haydell Industries.


Haydell Industries also offers a variety of automotive shop equipment, industrial paint booths and filters. Process consulting in the spray paint industry and automotive shop industry is another service provided by Haydell.


Advanced Coatings and Application Technologies®

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Leaner, Greener And Greatly Cuts VOC's

Haydell's Advanced Coating and Application Technologies significantly cuts VOC's from your paint process.

Less paint and quicker production means bigger profits!

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Total Control In A Perfect Fluid Carrier®

Nitro-Tech Systems enable fingertip control of polarity, temperature, and other factors. Through the proprietary capture and control of atmospheric nitrogen; paint consumption, overspray and drying times are driven down, adhesion, repeatability and quality-of-finish are driven up.